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Pigments manufactured specifically for ceramic use, stable at high temperatures.


As glazes and enamels can vary in composition, always test small batches before final use. Color Rare CERAMIC PIGMENTS are divided into two categories:

- Ceramic "inclusion" pigments: A Zr-Si treatment (zirconium-silicon) is used, so that the pigment resists up to 1300 degrees C, without altering the colour (Red, Orange & Violet Color Rare Ceramic pigments).

- Ceramic Spinel pigments (Yellow, Green, Blue & Turquoise Color Rare Ceramic pigments): mineral oxide with nickel and cobalt. These pigments can resist up to 1000 degrees C without altering the colour.

Note:  Colorare Pigments in the Collections of Ochres, Natural Earths & Oxides are suitable for ceramics, but changes in tint may occur after firing. For bright colors, it is preferable to use pigments manufactured specially for ceramic use as these are very stable at high temperatures.


Made in France. 
50 ML | 1.70 OZ (Packets)
For larger quantities and technical data sheets, please contact us.

Our small packets of pigments are sold by volume. The values indicated on the labels  are volume, not weight. As every pigment has very different densities and as we use volumes of pigments for our paint recipes, we sell the smaller packages in volumes to align with our recipes.