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The Use of Milk Paint for Furniture

Milk paint can be used to achieve various finishes such as a whitewash, distressed, or chippy look, making it an ideal product to use when re-furnishing furniture. TUTTI is a milk-based paint that comes in white powder form and yields a smooth, matte powdery finish. Use pigments to create your unique color or use one of Color Rare’s recipes.

Apply on a sound (no flaking or peeling), dry surface, free from dirt or dust. TUTTI is self-priming on most surfaces and may be applied directly on wood furniture Add Color Rare Acrylic Resin to your paint mixture if furniture is previously painted. (Approximately 100 ml per 1 KG of prepared TUTTI mixture, or 5% per volume).  A varnish, oil or wax MUST BE APPLIED as a top coat to ensure protection.

TUTTI is an economical product. It is best to mix only the amount necessary at the time of painting. Conserve the remaining product in powder form in original packaging.